About our Bandleader

Brett has been a professional musician for three decades, beginning his professional career in 1986 with his first performances as a trumpeter. His whole career has been spent searching out new experiences and modes of expression. He has gone on to conduct, perform in, and record with, a wide variety of musical groups, spanning genres from classical music to jazz, rock, pop, punk, ska, and everything else under the sun.

After beginning to dance tango in 2007, Brett took over directorial duties with the predecessor to the DC Tango Orchestra in 2010. Since then he has actively sought out instruction from top musicians such as Julian Peralta, Ramiro Gallo, Pablo Alsan, Julian Hasse, and many others. Brett began to learn to play bandoneon in the winter of 2012, and has been playing bandoneon in the orchestra since 2013. His mission is to bring the elegance, artistry, and sense of play of live tango music to the D.C. area, and to encourage dancers to get to know this incredible music better, and elevate their dance.

All photos by Mike Carver Pics unless otherwise noted..